Services we offer

Suspension Revalve

A revalve includes a service, but while we have it apart we modify your internals for your weight and riding styles.

Suspension Service

A service is when we disassemble your suspension, clean everything up, inspect your internals and replaceable parts (that are replaceable for a reason), and put everything back together with new oil and nitrogen. We at M & M Off-Road recommend that you have your front and rear suspension serviced every 30-40 riding hours or six months which ever comes first. The oil in your suspension is like the oil in your car.

Custom Suspension

We do custom suspension to fit your needs.


Other Services

We can perform almost every aspect of service and repairs on any dirt bike, quad or UTV including, but not limited to, top ends, splitting cases, clutch problems, valve adjustments, installing power up kits, lubing, oil change, wheels & tires, brakes, sprockets, controls, pull dents out of pipes (sorry, cannot fix cracks), porting, jetting and other carb work, stabilizer set up and full race prep.
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